< I > One. Technical parameters of UFO generator
The AMG brake power generation system has an amazing power generation efficiency and an automatic feedback control system. At the initial start, it is increased by power factor Cos sita45 and then it runs at maximum efficiency at high speed.
First, a 12-volt battery is used to supply a small magneto-electric generator, and a set of AMG 1.0 brake power generation system (Air-Mega-Giga brake power generation system) is used to make the small generator output one set of AC power 110V and another set of DC power 12 volts

< II >. Two. UFO power three-in-one system
The AMG brake power generation system will automatically start when the operating frequency and speed of the magnetic generator's pneumatic generator are lower than 60Hz and 1800rpm: it causes the eddy current gyro, the aircraft and the Optimus Prime to rotate in a synchronous three-effect linkage, and the centrifugal force produces a force. And the reaction force, and then derived the anti-gravity precession synchronization link to drive the AMG brake power generation system to supply power.

< III >. Three. Bipolar channel cooling/thermal energy converter
The pneumatic generator is a dual-effect link power transmission system through the [air engine] and [vortex engine]. The cooling channel (Air Transfor) on the left side allows stagnant air to flow to the cooling channel and cool the body of the pneumatic generator. , On the right is the Heat Transfor, which allows air compression to quickly convert heat into generator power by generating powerful power to achieve stable power supply and reliable operation. The flying saucer power generator set is equipped with three-dimensional quantified stacked point, line and surface space.

< IV >. Four. The core value of Carbon Neutrality and Ten Perfection
1. Wisdom, creativity and invention
2. Pure air power source
3. Zero carbon emission
4. No pollution
5. No radiation
6. Low decibel and low noise
7. Small and movable
8. Safe and easy to maintain
9. Comply with air quality
10. Permanent endurance power

< V >. Five. Wind/Fire/Hydro/ Solar / Geothermal / Ocean / Offshore / Thermal /Internal Replacement Scheme
Generator set series-parallel combined quantification system can replace nuclear energy alternative
UFO power generators can replace Wind power / Fire power / Hydropower / Solar power / Geothermal power / Ocean wave and Tidal power / Offshore wind power / Thermal power / Internal combustion engine power generation
UFO-powered generators can replace nuclear power generation, and the power supply network can construct a huge and infinitely extended charging and discharging energy storage system, which is enough to replace Nuclear power generation.